Member Spotlight

Nick Panofsky, with MNS Engineers, has been a board member for the APWA Central Coast Chapter for 4 years now and is currently serving as Treasurer.  Nick has over 12 years of professional consulting experience in the water resources industry. He serves as a Supervising Engineer in MNS Engineers Water Resources department. He has advanced his expertise through a variety of municipal infrastructure design projects including potable water, recycled water, wastewater, and stormwater.  Nick has always had a connection with water and the environment, which has been a consistent theme throughout his life and career. Growing up in a small northern California town, he found a passion for surfing as well as a wide array of other outdoor activities focused on water. Nick decided at a young age that he wanted to be part of the solution, wanted to help maintain and improve water quality, work to protect the environment, and is inspired by his work to take every opportunity to stay on top of the latest technology and industry trends.

He is currently leading planning and design effort for a wide array of water and wastewater projects on the central coast including:

  • Water, wastewater, and recycled water pipelines and forcemains

  • Potable water storage facilities

  • Water and wastewater treatment facilities

  • Water/wastewater infrastructure rehabilitation

  • Municipal water treatment facility permitting

  • Flow monitoring and metering facilities

  • Wastewater pond upgrades

  • Wastewater pumping facilities

  • Solids dewatering facilities

  • Water conservation studies


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